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The New Magazine

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Hi Everyone! As a lover of magazines for as long as I can remember (I used to spend my weekends in grade school working on projects from Martha Stewart Living and building my ultimate dream house from my mama’s Architectural Digests), I’ve yearned for that one perfect magazine that combines all of my loves: design, food, fashion, books, political and social commentary, and arts and crafts. I currently work in digital media and have almost completely switched over to the dark side–I find EVERYTHING online these days. Everything and more. From video and new exclusive online features like Politics of The Plate and Diary of a Foodie on to 10 Best Dressed on, I have found the digital side of magazines to be so much more relevant, inclusive and brighter in digital form. A plate of orecchiette with braised greens has never looked so luminous as on the digital screen. Missoni stripes have never popped off a page as they do on screen. 

With Editorialism I will seek out the best of the books online. I’ll pull the most inspiring content daily from a selection of beautiful sites:,,, Architectural,,, and